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Get Back to the Real Science

Simplify downstream process development and solve time-consuming chromatography and solvent recovery issues with Argento Scientific.

Closed system safety - Solvent Sentry Level Sensor

Who We Are

Argento Scientific simplifies downstream process development by providing reliable, cost-effective chromatography solutions for biopharmaceutical researchers at some of the biggest biopharmaceutical companies in the world.  We focus on bench scale column hardware, column packing, solvent waste safety solutions, and accessories.


We help researchers with their downstream process development by freeing up their time - allowing them to get back to the real science!

Why Argento Scientific?

Argento Scientific brings unmatched knowledge of the products we sell to every installation. We're a small business where every client is a person and not just an "account number".  Partner with us and benefit from:

  • Unmatched technical expertise

  • Unique products only available from Argento Scientific

  • "Hands on" servicing and installation

  • Better technology at lower prices

  • Custom time saving solutions

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