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Pre-packed Columns

Save time and reduce waste with our
pre-packed columns.

Column Swap Program
Pre-packed Chromatography Columns

Argento Scientific pre-packed columns come ready to use with user-specified resins and bed dimensions. We pack to agreed, measurable specifications. All column packing happens here in the US, not overseas, so it’s customs-free.


Pre-packed glass chromatography columns from Argento Scientific solve many common laboratory problems such as:

  • Wasted time: Often 2 to 3 hours per packed and tested column. Argento Scientific pre-packed columns are ready to go upon receipt.

  • Variable results: Results can vary with type of resin, operator experience and other factors. You supply us the resin or we can source the resin direct and our experienced packing technicians guarantee consistency from project-to-project.

  • Re-packing: A badly packed column can mean a re-pack at the customer's expense – more time wasted. When you outsource to Argento Scientific we handle this for you.

  • Recycling Column Hardware: Instead of throwing out old columns or looking for ways to recycle them, our Column Stock and Swap program makes it easy and fast to re-use column hardware without having to buy new.

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