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Get notified of dangerous waste solvent overflows before they happen.

Solvent Sentry™
Level Sensor

Argento Scientific's Solvent Sentry™ Level Sensor alerts lab staff to prevent overflows before they happen.
The Solvent Sentry™ Level Sensor



waste container

float (inside view)

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The Solvent Sentry alerts lab staff to prevent waste solvent overflows before they happen


When liquid rises inside the solvent waste container it lifts the float switch.  The sensor lights up and emits a sound, alerting the lab. The sensor also sends a radio signal to a bridge that can be located up to 100 feet away. The bridge can be paired to multiple sensors, and will also light up and emit a sound, alerting the lab when an overflow is imminent.


By helping lab staff avoid the inconvenience and safety hazards of waste solvent overflows, the Solvent Sentry is a simple and essential addition to any lab. 


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sound icon.png
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The Solvent Sentry has the following key features and benefits:

  • Quick Install: Quickly mounts to your solvent waste container by using one of our universal manifolds.

  • Easy Configuration: Sensor operates independently or communicates wirelessly with a bridge located up to 100 feet away.  The sensor and bridge can be paired or unpaired with a single button.  One bridge can pair to multiple sensors and acts as a centralized alert system. 

  • Real Time Alerts:  As the waste solvent container begins to fill, the Solvent Sentry continually monitors the liquid waste level inside the solvent waste container.

  • Multi Alert System: Alerts with an audible alarm and a light both at the solvent waste container as well as at the bridge.​

  • Durability: All polypropylene construction to resist aggressive chromatography waste solvents.

  • Compatibility:  Can be used with carboys, Justrite containers, incubators and in cold rooms. 

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