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The Solvent Sentry™

Level Sensor

Get notified of dangerous waste solvent overflows before they happen.

Get notified of dangerous waste solvent overflows before they happen with the Solvent Sentry™ Level Sensor.   When the Solven
The Solvent Sentry™ Level Sensor
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When liquid rises inside the solvent waste container it lifts the float switch.  The sensor lights up and emits a sound, alerting the lab. The sensor also sends a radio signal to a bridge that can be located up to 100 feet away. The bridge can be paired to multiple sensors, and will also light up and emit a sound, alerting the lab when an overflow is imminent.


By helping lab staff avoid the inconvenience and safety hazards of waste solvent overflows, the Solvent Sentry is a simple and essential addition to any lab. 

key features and benefits:

  • Quick Install: Quickly mounts to your solvent waste container by using one of our universal manifolds.

  • Easy Configuration: Sensor operates independently or communicates wirelessly with a bridge located up to 100 feet away.  The sensor and bridge can be paired or unpaired with a single button.  One bridge can pair to multiple sensors and acts as a centralized alert system. 

  • Real Time Alerts:  As the waste solvent container begins to fill, the Solvent Sentry continually monitors the liquid waste level inside the solvent waste container.

  • Multi Alert System: Alerts with an audible alarm and a light both at the solvent waste container as well as at the bridge.​

  • Durability: All polypropylene construction to resist aggressive chromatography waste solvents.

  • Compatibility:  Can be used with carboys, Justrite containers, incubators and in cold rooms. 

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