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Chromatography Columns

Chromatography Columns

Omnifit, because not all columns are created equal.

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Chromatography Columns

In the world of science, not all bench-scale protein purification columns are created equal. There are many factors to consider when bringing equipment into your lab. Although many decisions will be driven by cost and quality. Even a perfectly packed column can lead to sub-par results if your column hardware isn’t working properly or produces unreliable results.

Argento Scientific offers our life science partners the efficiency and reliability of Omnifit glass columns

which are known for their simple design, ease of use, and superior inertness and flow characteristics. These columns are designed to suit the majority of bench-scale protein purification applications. They are ideal for aqueous systems and are compatible with solvents used in common FPLC applications. Each column arrives assembled and ready to use along with these built-in features:

  • Durable single-layer precision borosilicate glass body for inertness, visibility and performance

  • Secure sealing endpieces made of PTFE with dual o-rings

  • Superior frit placement for bed support and even distribution of sample flow

  • Affordability / performance value

  • Accurate chromatography results

All Omnifit® Glass Chromatography Columns are supplied assembled and ready for use. Three configurations are available:

  • Non-adjustable with two fixed endpieces, a cost effective option when height adjustment is not important. Designated as configuration -FF

  • One fixed endpiece as a bed support and one adjustable endpiece (plunger) to adjust the bed height. The adjustable endpiece is designed to give the user fine control over the movement of the endpiece, minimizing the risk of disturbance to the packed bed and giving 80mm of height adjustment. Designated as configuration -AF

  • Two adjustable endpieces giving maximum flexibility in bed height. With an adjustable endpiece at both ends of the column the user gains 160mm of adjustment, offering a wide range of bed lengths. Designated as configuration -AA

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