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Shipping Stabilizer Syringe

Eliminate bubbles during shipping.

Syringe Tubing Assembly
Shipping Stabilizer Syringe

Columns may meet all the required criteria for flow symmetry and efficiency once they’re packed, but shipping columns to off-site collaborators can introduce problems.  Shipping columns means they are moved on and off of loading bays, trucks and airplanes.  This exposes columns to temperature swings, vibration and changes in orientation – vertical, horizontal and in between.  While this is happening small amounts of air can enter columns, or liquids inside the columns can off-gas, resulting in bubbles or voids in the column resin.  

Columns that arrive after a long trip may no longer be usable without time-consuming rehydration and even re-packing.  Argento Scientific’s re-usable shipping stabilizers provide a simple way to mitigate these issues.  Our stabilizers include a spring-loaded syringe plunger coupled with a simple on-off valve to facilitate loading.  Here are the steps to operate.


Syringe Tubing Instructions
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