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Securely immobilize your columns while running or in storage with our rugged construction-grade racks.

Column Racks

Column Racks

Protein purification columns represent a significant sunk cost for the lab both in terms of the materials used, column hardware and resins, and the time spent to acquire these components and prepare them for use.  Yet despite the costs and risks, columns are often stored horizontally in drawers or are run on rickety stands.  Changing the column’s orientation from vertical to horizontal and then back can affect flow characteristics.  Stands made for low-end glassware don’t always hold up to the weight of packed columns.  Common laboratory supply stands can be difficult to move and assemble.  Finally, columns are made of glass and they’re round, so if one of them rolls off the lab bench it can produce an expensive, embarrassing mess.  Immobilizing columns securely and vertically both while running and for storage is best practice, but few convenient or safe options existed for supporting columns.  Not anymore!


Argento Scientific offers rugged, convenient column racks that can safely hold up to 20 columns.  Standard racks hold single columns of almost any height and can sit on the lab bench or on the floor.  Larger racks mount on wheeled casters for easy movement around the lab or our racks can mount to the walls of cold rooms or other parts of the lab.  Our frames are made of construction-grade extruded aluminum rods.  The columns attach to the frame with a bracket and simple rubber belt mechanism similar to what’s used on car bike racks.

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