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Keep your chromatograpy columns

vertical, secure and protected.

VertiRack for columns
VertiRack™ Offers a Worry-free System to Secure Glass Columns

Packed and tested columns represent thousands of dollars, even tens of thousands of dollars, in sunk costs: costs to buy the resins and glass hardware plus time to pack and test the columns. That’s why columns are always stored securely upright against a robust frame to avoid risk of damage…right? 


Not really.


Despite their value columns are often stored on rickety stands made for undergraduate chemistry labs. Or columns are stowed horizontally in drawers where they can roll into each other. Good news, now there’s a better way.




  • Frame built from construction-grade extruded aluminum rods

  • Column brackets machined from solid rodstock and bolted to the frame

  • Adjustable bracket height

  • Heavy rubber straps that belt around the columns to anchor them in place 

  • Accommodates 5mm up to 60 mm diameter columns

  • Secure the column in seconds

  • Store up to 20 columns

  • Racks sit on the lab bench or roll on wheeled casters

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