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Speed up the set up of your solvent waste carboy with our solvent safety kits.

Solvent Safety Kits

Solvent Safety Kits
 HPLC accessory kit

In this example this solvent safety accessory kit contains:

  • 10-port polypropylene manifold for 70mm threaded carboy - ports included (1) 1/2" NPT, (3) 1/4" NPT, (6) 1/4-28

  • Fittings kit (includes selection of connectors in different colors, plugs, barbed adapters for connecting to tubing and a 5ft length of tubing

  • Exhaust filter with adapter and color indicator

Solvent safety kits include everything that you need to set up your solvent waste carboy to accept solvents leaving your HPLC system. Accessory kits can include the following:

  • Manifold cap - we offer different sizes that can accommodate any carboy opening and the manifold has between 4 and 10 ports of different sizes that can accept tubing connections, carbon filters and level detectors

  • Fittings kit (see example below)

  • Carbon filter and associated color indicator strip that turns color when the carbon filter is saturated

  • Level detector sensor that screws into the central port on the manifold cap

  • Buzzer that is paired remotely to multiple level detectors and sounds when one or more than one of them are triggered

  • Gateway - a centralized wireless router that communicates with sensors and buzzers and enables remote system monitoring by smart phone

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