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Protect the air you breathe with our universal manifold system that easily adapts to fit any size container.

Universal Manifold System

Universal Manifold System

Every day solvent waste carboys are employed in pharmaceutical, biotech and industrial laboratories across the globe to collect chromatography waste solvents from: 

  • HPLC

  • UPLC

  • FPLC

  • LC- and ICP-MS

  • Spectrophotometers

  • Flow analyzers

  • Protein & DNA synthesis

  • And wherever organic hazardous solvent wastes are generated by equipment in less than process-scale quantity

And while important work flows in your lab, so do potential airborne leaks.

The carboy, manifold and filter systems from Argento Scientific provide lab technicians safety and peace of mind while performing their work without the risk of breathing in dangerous chemicals.

Argento Scientific’s universal manifold systems fit virtually all container types and their modular construction can be easily adapted by the user to fit any container. We also offer in-house set up and installation of your system.

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