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Argento Scientific and Arcmed Group Partner to Deliver Custom-Packed Glass Columns

Argento Scientific is pleased to announce they have entered a strategic partnership with

Arcmed Group, who design and manufacture fluidic components for diagnostic and

analytical instruments.


Argento Scientific simplifies downstream process development by providing reliable,

cost-effective chromatography solutions for biopharmaceutical researchers at some of

the biggest biopharmaceutical companies in the world.


This collaboration delivers quick, personalized column packing services to Biotech and

Pharmaceutical companies worldwide and represents a significant step forward in

delivering high-quality solutions to the chromatography industry.


Adrian Argento, CEO and Founder of Argento Scientific, leverages his personalized

expertise in downstream processes to simplify workflows for the Life Sciences

community. With a background in Omnifit, Diba, and Kinesis product lines, Adrian

identifies and addresses unmet market needs and offers personalized solutions,

including pre-packed columns and solvent safety capture systems, to renowned

biotechnology companies.


“The Omnifit columns aren’t the only protein purification columns on the market, but

they are the best. This applies to inertness, flow characteristics, cost, and ease of use.

That’s why we chose Arcmed as our partner and we are excited for our relationship to

continue growing over time”. Adrian Argento – CEO & Founder – Argento Scientific


Arcmed Group’s global facilities are strategically located around the world in Cambridge

UK, Danbury, CT and Shanghai CH, forming a dynamic footprint that reflects their

commitment to innovation and collaboration. With a presence in key regions, Arcmed

Group embraces diverse perspectives and leverages local strengths to address global

challenges. This interconnected approach allows them to foster innovation, sustainability, and a positive impact on a global scale.


“Argento Scientific is committed to providing customers unequalled service and quality,

and that dedication to customers is also at the heart of Arcmed, which is why this is

such a great partnership”. Jim Hill – VP of International Sales at Arcmed


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