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Keep Your Sample in, and the Contaminants out

The SeptaVial™ Cap is a simple solution to a common problem: loading samples.

Many labs use 15ml and 50ml centrifuge vials for loading samples into instruments. The challenge is holding a wiggly tube into the vial while minimizing contamination. The tube can flip out of the vial flinging sample as it goes. Hopefully the sample isn’t dangerous, and doesn’t land on your skin. When the tube goes back into the vial it’s less clean than when it started. People try to secure the tube in place with parafilm, but parafilm can be awkward to use. Plus pieces of parafilm can break off and fall into the vial.

The SeptaVial™ Cap makes things easier. The SeptaVial™ Cap has a perforated septum that grabs on to different tube sizes. It also minimizes contamination from the air making it a useful accessory for every lab.


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