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We've Got a New Look!

Our team is delighted to announce that our redesigned Argento Scientific website has been launched!

We have improved our navigation menu, making it easier to find your favorite products, and discover some of our newer offerings as well.

The site will be getting new features over the next few months, as we look to expand our product range, and services further.

Argento Scientific is a young business, founded in 2017, although our roots go back further. Our team has worked in chromatography and analytical system design for decades. Our mission at Argento Scientific is to deliver high-value customized solutions for our life science partners. This approach applies to our custom-packed columns, our application-specific solvent capture systems, and our specialized accessories that support downstream process development.

We operate in markets dominated by large suppliers with millions of products, but we supply a few products and are experts on how they work. We’re proud of the growth we’ve experienced so far, and we’re grateful for our wonderful customer relationships.

Our mission is to serve our biotechnology customers with innovative products and services. Our approach isn’t “Here’s what we’ve got, hope you like it.” It’s “What are you trying to accomplish, and how can we help?”

We build value for our customers one project at a time, getting them back to the real science.

If you have any questions, please be sure to reach out to our team!


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