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Exhaust Filter

Remove dangerous vapors from the air with our easy to read color coded exhaust filter.

easy read carbon filter
Exhaust Filter

In a typical chromatography lab, waste solvents drain into collection carboys located under the lab benches. As waste liquid flows into the carboys air must go out. The displaced air, and any dangerous vapors it carries, can mix with the air that workers breathe. To prevent this the gasses exiting the carboy need to be scrubbed before they enter the lab environment. This keeps workers safe and satisfies workplace regulations.  
Argento Scientific’s exhaust filters are packed with activated carbon that safely and effectively adsorbs organic vapors originating from the collected waste, preventing them from escaping into the laboratory atmosphere. Additionally, this unique filter features a built-in color indicator. The indicator turns dark orange when the filter needs to be replaced, keeping your lab and the people who work inside it safe.

easy read carbon filter for exhaust
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